Guys your print quality sucks, like you guys Don't print in CMYK firstly and then i uploaded and ordered both RGB and CMYK options for the posters i wanted to sell and the print quality is so shitty that even the printing shop next to my house would look better. I get it that you guys are providing a store front unlike any other companies which is really good, but the product catalogue and quality is bad. Like the catalogue is not good enough for an artist which is a huge market gap in india.

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Hey Ankur,

We are really sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the product and print quality. I've taken a note of your concern, shared it with my team, and we'd also like to understand this further.

Can you please get in touch with us on our custom support number (+91-9161351816) via call or WhatsApp?

This is the first time we are hearing about bad product/print quality and that's why we'd like to find and fix what went wrong. We also provide 100% refunds in case of damaged print or product.

About the catalog, we started with 5 SKUs in Jan 2022 and in a year it has grown to 41 SKUs. We are working on expanding it to 100+ SKUS soon.

You can also write to me directly at rajat@blinkstore.in.

Looking forward to speaking with you :)

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